Prostitution in Russia


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I took a bus with Olga to Moscow. The trains are only in the evening, except for Friday. Olga bought the tickets, and I asked her if it was a different price for foreigners, but she said no. I was surprised. Cost? 240 R for two tickets. Ivanovo is about 250/300 km from Moscow. Took 6 hours! We stopped once for restrooms, about 30 minutes. I estimate we were going about 35 mph, really fucking slow. The roads weren't too bad - that's not what was holding the bus back, the engine was.

So, back in Moscow, give Olga my phone number, and she says she'll call. I think I've decided to just not answer. I don't really wanna have to spend any more time with her - I've only got 6 days in Moscow.

Can't remember what I did when I first get back, slept a little. But eventually got to Chesterfields, or the Boar House. Half-price food from 5 am - 9 pm, which is a pretty good deal in Moscow. Note the meat dishes sound american, but the meat (steak and ribs) are definitely not the same quality...

Oh, just remembered that I went there to try to catch the New Years Day bowls, but no luck. Damn! So, checked out the scene at Chesterfields.

For those of you who have never been there, it's basically a L-shaped bar with quite a large eating area, probably seats 150 if not 200. There are two pool tables, and a small 25X25 feet dance floor. American dance music, thank god it's not techno.
Lots of non-working girls are there, but they usually sit at the tables. Now what is confusing is that some non-working girls will also sit at the bar and some working girls will briefly sit at a table. If a girl is at the bar, two guys told me it's ok to start talking to them and ask, are you a working girl? If they don't speak English, they'll either know what you mean, or if they don't, they probably aren't working.

There are some girls who are obviously working, they usually sit by themselves, some have way too much makeup and are ugly. These are the obvious working girls. I saw a few decent working girls, and many attractive ladies sitting at the bar but I don't think they were working. Very confusing.

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I actually met a guy from Silicon Valley there - very nice guy who explained the situation to me. He has been in Moscow for three weeks and loves Chesterfields.

So, I scoped out the scene for quite a while. The girls who were obviously working didn't appeal me. There were a few who I'm pretty sure were working who were pretty attractive. Well, finally I saw a fairly attractive blond who I knew was working. Here's the catch - she's deaf. She's also with another deaf girl, who's quite heavy. The blond wants $100, or $150 for both of them. I say I only want you, and offer $80, she refuses. I agree to $100, but she really wants me to take her friend.... So, I draw out on paper, I want oral sex with no condom, and sucking my balls at the same time. She says ok. The blond at actually lived in the US for a while and can write/read English decently. So, $130 for the two of them.

Ok, get back to the hotel, and both are very nice. We get naked and... the blonde wants to turn off the light. I say no. She will not listen. I turn it off, 2 minutes later she turns it on, I turn it off, 2 minutes later she turns it on. Uh, what the hell is your fucking problem? Finally she leaves them on, and we start.

Uh, the big girl is putting a condom on - I say no condom for oral sex. This is where it starts to get interesting... They protest, and after 5 minutes I figure out that only the big girl gives head and only with condom. The blond only fucks. Uh, this is not what I wanted. I protest and say this isn't what you told me at the bar. At this point my fustration level is VERY high. One, I took the big girl only because they agreed to suck my dick and balls with no condom. NO other reason to take her. Second, both were getting on my nerves in other ways. The blond about the lights - get a fucking clue! Light on! I'm not getting up to turn them on every two minutes because I need the exercise!

And both were very crude and the big girl was very fucking obnoxious. So, I say get out. But I had already paid them. I say I want my money back. They say no. I say ok, fine. They get dressed. They want to leave, but the door is locked. They ask me to unlock it. I say no. Note that my face is upset, but I never yelled or showed any anger, just annoyance. I never in any way approached them physically, only that I'm not letting you leave till I get my money back.

The big girl basically starts reaching into my pockets for the key. I hold her back - if I'm not careful she'll probably squeeze the shit out of my balls. I realize she's very confrontational, and starts micking beating me up. Uh, I almost started laughing. You gotta be kidding. Even with two of them it wouldn't be a fight.

She will not stop, and keeps on reaching. I say do not do this. The blond is much more laid back and reasonable. They point to their watches and say they've been here a long time, and say that they've taken their clothes off and I've seen them naked - so they aren't giving my money back. I wish they could understand me because I would've said I would've paid for the big girl to keep her clothes on so I don't have to see her naked. At this point I was so pissed I probably would've said it too...

Finally, I say give me back half, $65. The blond says ok, and tries to explain to the big girl. The talk, and hand me back 500 R, about $18. Uh, no, that's not half. That's it, that's all they'll give back to me. I say no, and the big girl gets more pissed, she basically picks up the fax machine and threatens to throw it, then the computer monitor. So she has it in midair, threatening to drop it, and I'm saying do not do that.

So, I have two choices.... Let them out, or say ok you win, then basically beat the money out of them. I relent, and say ok, I'll let you out. I was fucking pissed.
I let them out, and there's another locked door that leads out to the lobby area on each floor. I let them out that door as well, walk out with them, and turn around lock the door. I say I want my money back. Basically I could've beat the shit out of them, and taken my money back. I wasn't completely serious. Not sure what they thought. They were ready for a confrontation, which blows my mind. I mean even if they can send someone to beat me up later, if I were a asshole I could seriously put them in the hospital for a week if I wanted to, easily. I mean, they're fucking stupid to think a guy couldn't easily, easily overpower two women with ease.

I turn around, unlock the door, and walk back into the hallway, lock it, and walk back into my apartment. Crazy. So basically they got an extra $47 from me. Not a big deal as far as $$ is concerned, but I FUCKING HATE being taken. If there's nothing I can do, then fine. But there they were, if I had wanted to, I could've gotten my money back. True, they could've sent people after me. If it were a large amount, I'd just move to a hotel or another apartment, and that'd be that. Plus, those two girls are regulars at Chesterfields, so it wouldn't be hard to find them. They need that place a lot more than they need $45.
Of course in the big picture I did the right thing. But it still bugs the shit out of me. And I don't believe that the fact they were girls gives them any consideration at all. If were two guys who screwed me out of $45 and I knew I could easily physically overpower them to get the money, it'd be the same situation.
So, I only have 5 more days in Moscow and I've only fucked two street girls. Not really what I had in mind for my vacation...

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So, wake up late, very late. I think it was already dark. Ran some errands - oh, got some more 8mm tapes for my camcorders. You can find almost anything in Moscow that you can find in the US.

I decide to go to night flight. Paid the 600 R entrance fee, and walk in. It was only 10:30 pm. Oh, one more run in with the police. I'm walking from Tverskaya metro, and police stops me asking for my passport. I show it to them and the visa. All visas have to be registered with the OVIR within three days of arrival. Sure, no problem, I had it registered with the hotel in Vladimir and Ivanovo. But the guy says you must register in Moscow for the year 2001. I basically say no, you're fucking full of shit. I'm not giving you shit (bribe). When the police harass tourists, that REALLY fucking bugs me. I mean as a tourist, if you can't trust the police, who can you trust?

I was steamed, getting very pissed, much more anger showed on my face here than with the deaf girls. This was crazy. I was pretty positive that they were wrong and just making this shit up. They say we have to go to the police, I say fine. But they just stand around. I say ok, let's fucking go you assholes. He says 5 minutes. I keep bugging them, and finally the guy gives me the passport back and says ok, but get it stamped. I walk away. Fuck, fuck, fuck, that's fucking ridiculous.

So, finally get to NF. It was early, so very few men, but about 7-10 women. Many of the women are not that attractive. But I did see maybe one 8. Some 5-6.5. A few 7s. But there was definitely a few hot girls there. Picked out Ludmilla (I think). 25, from St Petersburg. 7.5/8 face and 7.5/8 body. Very nice. Shit, in a bar all dressed up she's definitely an 8.5. What if she were wearing a string bikini on a poster? Ah, maybe an 8. I guess what I'm saying is it's very easy to cover up imperfections in a bar - much harder to do when you're wearing next to nothing.
But, here's the catch - I have to meet a friend for drink at 11:30. We negotiate $200, and I tell her I'll give you $100 now, and I'll be back at 1 am and we'll go back to my apartment, ok? She agress.

I meet my friend at the Hungry Duck. It's ladies night, free drinks till 11 pm, and a male strip show. My buddy tells me the show is good because many times they'll drag a girl on stage and take all her clothes off, literally. Tonight wasn't that eventful. One girl did have nearly all her clothes off - definitely no panties or bra; I was only like 7-10 feet away. Crazy. The girls there are very young, most are under 22. Lots of cute girls, but not many 8s. Lots of 7s. My buddy says many girls speak a little English, and it's rather easy to score a one-night stand. Well, maybe, but it's still a lot like the American bar scene in that you have to approach a girl you don't know and start talking/dancing with her. I am very shy about approaching girls in a bar, so this is not a great place for me. I'm bold about making eye contact, but that's it....

Luckily my friend is a bit ill, and he actually says he has to go at around 12:45 am. Perfect. I head back to NF and sure enough Ludmilla was there. Oh, on the way in a really, really hot girl was talking to a guy. Her face was a 9, no kidding.
Ludmilla and I go back to my apartment, but she never asked me for the other $100. Oh, the first time we met I ask her when she's going to leave in the morning, I think. Or it somehow came up that she's going to St Petersburg at 7 am. Either way, it was clear if not explicitly said that she'd stay with me until she has to go, around 5 am. Again, I might have asked how long she's staying, not sure, but it was definitely understood.

Ok, back at my apartment we both take a shower, and then get started. She basically attacks me, kissing all over, then some very good sex. No bj, but I didn't even ask or care. I was a happy camper. 20 minutes later she gets up, and says I'm very hungry, I haven't eaten all day. She calls her taxi. I say you want to get something to eat? She says yes, I say ok, shall we go somewhere? She says no, I am leaving. I say huh? She says "I come to you, I kiss you, I sleep with you." Uh, that's not what we had implicitly if not explicitly agreed to.

I say how about if I go with you and after we eat we come back here? She says ok. We are in the taxi and she says I want you to pay me now. She says I usually ask for the money before sex. I say I'll give the other $100 after you come back to my apartment. She says if you don't give me the other $100 I won't come back. I'm thinking, ok, sure, no problemo. See ya...

The taxi drops us off at NF, and she walks in with me. Uh food? forgehtaboutit.... She starts working the crowd again... I just laugh...

I actually tell the story to a security guard who speaks English because I don't want her telling them that I screwed her over. I just wanted to make sure I don't get on NF bad side. The guy listens and says I see. He believe me, but was surprised it was this girl - he had never heard any complaints about her. I'm not surprised, because she was great in bed - she just wanted to leave really quickly. I doubt most men would care enough to complain. I wasn't really complaining, just making sure she didn't complain about me not paying her.

So, with that out of the way, I scope the scene again. The hottest girl in the place was talking to a guy, too bad. But there was another 8/8.5. Talked to her - she wouldn't agree to $200 for 3 hours. I said bye-bye. It was 3/4 am and there weren't many men left.
Talked to a 7, very thin 21/22 year old. Again, wouldn't take $200/3 hours. I said bye. Talked to another 7, mid 20s, I didn't even get to the price. I asked her how long she'll stay. She says I have sex then I leave - no sleeping. Uh, not the attitude I want. Bye.

Finally, the best looking girl in the place is free. I start talking to her. Anna, It's 4:40 am, and the club is about to close. We agree to $250 for 3 hours, and if I like her, I'll give her another $50. (her idea) We leave. I only have $100 on me, so we stop at a bankomat. The first one is out of commission. We spend 5-10 minutes finding another one. It tells me my bank won't approve the transaction for $200, only for $100, so that's what I get. Try another one, bank won't approve anything. FUCK! I thought this would happen - my bank only allows $300/day from ATMs.

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Very embarssed, I tell Anna the situation. She actually takes it well. I offer her $200 or to pay for her taxi home. She says ok, $200. On the drive home she even joked about - as we passed another bankomat, she says maybe another bankomat? :)

We go back to my place, I shower, she showers. Basically it turned out great. First round was good, but she wouldn't kiss me. Covered bj, decent technique, but not good enough for me to pay extra for uncovered. Sex was good, not great. The good things about her is that she's very nice, really made eye contact, and really liked me. We talked quite a bit, and she really listened.

Oh, forgot to mention something important. At the club as we were leaving, we got our jackets. She goes to the toliet. Anther guy is there, 40s, wearing a nice suit. He says something like how much am I paying her? I don't answer. He says in broken english, I pay more. She comes out, and he starts talking to her. I can't hear what they say. So now in my bed I ask her what did that man say to you? She says he offered her $500. I asked her why didn't she go with him? She says because I already agreed to go with you. If I say that, then I will. She says the guy was like, are you crazy? I'm offering you $500! She also said "my heart felt like he not so good man". Well yeah, the guy was an asshole. Came off as arrogant, spoiled, and with the attitude money can buy anything. But this just shows what kind of person Anna is. Most girls would've jumped ship, and I don't really blame them if they did.

We have anther round - even better. This time she kissed me - very cool. These were long fucking rounds too, and she never said no. At one point I was tired, and was about to get her finish me manually, and asked if she wanted more. She said yes...

So, she leaves at 10 am! Wow. Time flies when you're having fun. As she leaves, I ask are you going to give me your number? She says no, if you pay $300, I give you my number. $200, no. Hmmm, I don't really understand that, but she really didn't speak english well enough for me to explain why. I didn't really care because I knew I wasn't going to call her.
Oh, Anna is easily an 8, probably an 8.5 Maybe even 8.75. Really, really hot.


Of course I'm back in the US now, and trying to remember what happened each day is quite a chore, so forgive me if I repeat myself.

A few words about the previous day. Of course police harassing tourists for a quick buck is to be expected. I knew this before coming to Russia of course, but for some reason I was in no mood to put up with shit that night. Not sure why. I was pissed at the time, but got over it very quickly - probably when I stepped into NF about 10 minutes later...

Tonight I had planned to go get a street girl, then head out to the safari lounge, then maybe planet hollywood before trying to watch the Ok/FSU game somewhere.
Picked up a 20 year old on the Garden Ring, 7, but again, a slight bad breath problem which made kissing a chore for me. Damn! Not the most sensual girl in the world. Kind of a dead lay. Pussy felt good, but not much response from her. Hmm... Spoke zero English - which is annoying, and you can tell she was not the brightest girl in the world. Oh, she was a $100 girl. Did find out that she only got 35% for the fee, 35% to her masaman, and another 30% to someone who basically allowed her to stay illegally in Moscow.

In case some of you guys don't know, in Russia every person has stamped in their passport where they live. If you don't have that or a temporary visa, you're in big trouble with the police. To get this stamp you'll need to own a flat, or be able to live with a friend or relative or someone who will "vouch" for you in some official manner so that you can get this stamp in your passport. Practically every street girl is in Moscow illegally, so they have to pay someone to let them live there.

I asked her who pays the police, and she says it comes out of the 35% from the masaman. Very intersting.

Well, I was was going to keep her a while longer, but decided to let her go - believe it or not I had little desire to fuck again. Amazing.

So, I head out for Safari Lounge. 200 R entrance, head downstairs and that's where the stripping is. The other reports on TSM are pretty much accurate - the strippers are very good looking, doing lap dances for 100 R/song. The whores are very average to below average looking. A couple of 6.5, others were lower. Talked to one 6.5, maybe a 7 body. She asked if I wanted to fuck her here or my room. I said my room and she said $200. Of course if I were serious I would've paid no more than $100, and I think she would've agreed. Anyway, I wasn't serious.

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By the way, the cost of the room is 1000 R/hour, and then you negotiate directly with the girl for the sex. Gotta be more than 500 R, so probably cost more than 50$.
The stippers? In general 7s. Out of 6 dancers, probably 2 8s. One girl was really, really hot, maybe a 9. Never got a dance from her. Note that it was dead on this night, I think the atmosphere would be much different on a crowded night.
This place might be worth visiting if you happen to find a hot dancer who speaks a little English. I bet for enough $$ they'd fuck you, but I imagine it'd be too rich for my blood, something like $300-500.

Also, I chatted with the general manager for quite a while. Half Zaire/Congo, half Russian. 32, lived in S Africa and somewhere else in Europe before moving to Moscow at age 14. Spoke very good English. We talked quite a bit about American society and Russia.

He, like many foreigners, had the impression from movies that random violent crime in the US is rampant and that it's very dangerous. I did my best to dispel this notion, but he wasn't convinced. I've run into this belief about America quite a few times, from Europeans and Australians. Quite fustrating, since I don't think it's really that accurate. Sure, it's more dangerous than European cities, but on average still pretty safe I think.
He also loved McDonalds - thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. :) Says it's cheap, I don't have to think about what to order, and it taste good. What could be better?

Now the interesting stuff... Actually told me what he makes - $1200/month. Told me that his flat was $300/month, I think two rooms but definitely not in the center. Been working in the night club industry for 6 years, and has worked hard to get to this point. The place has foriegn and russian owners, of course. Foreigners put up the bulk of the money, the russians make sure the business license and everything with the police is ok. Of course prostitution is officially illegal, so he says you don't bribe the street level cop, you bribe his boss. Said that if some street level cop came in and tried to bust the joint, it wouldn't work. Says that the russian owners are very, very demanding and mean people. Basically serious flat head mentality, and of course they treat the women terrible, like dirty whores.

He says they know this, and if they don't want to deal with it, they don't have to work here. Says the russian owners can come in and fuck any girl for free. Interesting...
And they don't really let just anyone come in. Of course all forigners are allowed in, because "99% of them just want to have a good time and spend money." For russians, they judge how he speaks and dresses and evaluate if the guy should be left in. And of course the owners have their own security guy who he says is basically there every night, and if there's any trouble he deals with them.

Unfortunately he didn't really have an info on the girls. Says he doesn't talk to them much - wouldn't be professional. Overall a good guy. But…. He did say that the girls are free to do whatever they want after work – there are no house restrictions on this. His tone of voice was such that he definitely implied that some could be talked into pay for play.

So, that was basically my night. Fucked up by trying to watch the damn game, since neither "sport bar" on Nowy Arbat nor Chesterfields had it. Damn! Had a 6 am dinner at Chesterfields, which is cool because after 5 am it's half price again....

Woke up late again, and decided to go back to NF again.

Got there around 10 pm, and only like 4 girls there. Slowly they filed in, at peak there was maybe 12 girls there. The hottest girl in the place was a tall blonde, 8 face, 7.5 body. But you can't really tell. One thing you have to be VERY careful of is when the girl wears black pants/skirt. That can hide a lot of extra flab, espcially if wore very tight. This may sound funny, but if spot a girl I wanna chat with, I ALWAYS make sure to see her from behind while walking. If she's sitting down, it's next to impossible to see the width of her ass.

Well, I say always, but only after this night... So, I walk over directly to Nina, and start chatting. She had that little pout thing going, very cute, but was a little cold. Her friend, Marina, had an 8 body but only a 6 face. I actually should've taken her - she had a very different attitude from most of the girls in the place - very down to earth, very little makeup, and less haughty. Oh well.

So, after 5 minutes or so I asked Nina how much. She said $200. I was surprised. I said how long will you stay? She says many hours. I don't ask for specifics. I say let's go. It wasn't much after 11 pm.

On the taxi ride back she warms up a little, grabs my hand. Good sign. Upon entering the apartment she says oh, definitely a russian apartment. The first three times she said it, it was cute. It got old after that. So, I take a shower first and then she takes a shower.

We get started, light kissing. Now how to explain the sex. She had some weried mannerisms. Liked to put her right hand under her left breast, as if she had muscular dystrophy or something like that. Very odd. And when I was on top try to enter her, she would not fucking straighten her hips, she always pointed them slight to the side. VERY FUCKING ANNOYING. I basically forced her straight, put it in, and started pounding her. Basically she didn't really want to fuck, and made no effor to make it easier. Wasn't unresponsive though - that's odd thing. Anyway, her pussy felt quite good actually; I came.

So, she rinses up, comes back out, and somehow we start talking about when she's leaving. Maybe she started getting dressed. Anyway, I bring up the fact that she said she'll stay many hours, and she says sure, I'll stay more hours with you. And then I say but no more sex? She says no. I say "bye".

So, she gets dressed immediately. She barks out very rudely, "GIVE ME TAXI MONEY." I'm pissed, but don't respond. She says again, "DO YOU HAVE ROUBLES FOR TAXI?" I lie and say no. (should've said yes, but no for you) She walks out and slams the door. I almost have to laugh. What can you do? You pick some winners, and you pick some losers.

Oh, and to top it off, she's VERY good with makeup and clothes. When she was naked on top of me, I noticed she's not an 8, just a 6, and I would've bet you a lot of money in NF that she was an 8. Amazing what some makeup and dark lighting can do for you... Oh, btw, covered bj.

So, it wasn't even 1 am yet. I head out for the street scene, knowing I'm going to pick out 2 girls. Get a taxi driver, negotiate 100 to Kurskaya metro. It's hard to communicate I want to drive to get a girl on the Garden Ring then come back to my place.

Anyway, we get there and I finally get this across to him. Well, he's very scared of the police, so he wants another 300, I say no, 200 more. He says ok, but then he wouldn't fucking turn around. Wanted me to get out and walk across the street. I say fuck you, bye, and give him 100.

So ran across the street, checked out the girls, saw none that I lived, and caught another taxi. Guy was more amiable, and drove around for me. At the next line-up I chose one girl, a 6.5. We do a couple of more lineups with no luck. One girl I saw was VERY cute, 8 face. I asked if she did bbbj. I pointed to my mouth and said "oral sex". The masaman looked at me if I were asking for a free fuck. No! Another girl I picked out said the same thing. Hmmm.. Another girl I picked out didn't want to do a 2-girl thing with the girl I had in the car, so we kept on looking. The price with the taxi driver started going up slowly. I was hungry, so had him stop at a 24 hour market. I go inside, come back out, and shit, the police are there....

Here's a BIG tip. When you're driving around, it's easy for the girls to duck down when they see police. BUT, if you are parked, even if you are crouched down, a policman walking on the side walk can see you. So that's what happened. And of course she has no papers to live in Moscow. The taxi driver starts negotiating, and the cops want $20. I say no way, and offer 200 R. They basically start walking away with the girl. Well, what can you do? I give the taxi driver 500 R ($17.50), and he runs after them, gives it to them, and everything is cool. Annoying, but hey, what can you do?

So, we keep on looking and finally I find a girl who's acceptable, a 7 I thought. Turned out to be a 6. Asked if she did bbbj, the masaman said no, but by this time i didn't care.

So, we head back to the apartment and both girls are 6s, and girl 1 was a little of a dead lay, though very accomodating. Girl 2 was more energetic, though neither were the best. It was quite late now, and we start. Well, both girls do bbbj, even girl 2. So I wonder if any of the masamans understood me... Perhaps they thought I was asking for bbfs. Who knows. Like I said, girl 1 was accomodating, let me cum in her mouth with girl 2 was sucking on my balls. Very nice.

Both left after that, around 6-7 am. Oh, paid the taxi driver 600 roubles. I was literally in the taxi for about 70 minutes.



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